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New Cake
Sunday, 10. June 2012 Cooking & Baking
Another Cake added to my collection: for more see: Cooking & Baking
Fennec / Mozilla Firefox 4.0b2 for N900
Saturday, 13. November 2010 Misc
Just got curious about the new version (beta) of Fennec and first tried to follow the instructions on . However – that one didn’t realy work since the repository which was added is not for the beta but for the release – meaning I got 1.1. After some digging on the mozilla server I […]
Wednesday, 02. June 2010 Noise
I’m tired but no end of the day near by…
Graz’s BSD crackerbarrel
Friday, 21. May 2010 FreeBSD (german)
Monday, 17. May 2010 FreeBSD
First of all I have to say that “tinderbox” ( ) is a great tool. It’s probably the most important tool to verify new ports and/or patches on different FreeBSD versions (and with a little trick even on different architectures). And it is also a nice tool to find missing entries in pkg-plist. That […]
gvim & xmonad
Monday, 10. May 2010 FreeBSD
After playing a little bit with vim/gvim it finally looks like I want it to. However – as soon as I was done I tried the config on my notebook and noticed an ugly white space within the gvim window. Since gvim behaves like eg xterm, urxvt etc it always tries to display only whole […]
Sunday, 09. May 2010 Noise
Playing with vim and its config…
ISP routing trouble
Wednesday, 05. May 2010 Noise
Looks like Inode/UPC killed one of their routers… again (traceroute always stops at a certain point…)
Requested cat update
Tuesday, 04. May 2010 Misc
Monday, 03. May 2010 Noise
+2 Chassis fans => -14°C [65°C -> 51°C] :-)